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Does your heart hurts when you hear about yet another hurt or neglected dog who is in pain in a concrete kennel at a shelter without medical treatment available to them until a rescue or adopter takes them into their care?

Or animals who got hit by a car or injured otherwise and the owner can't or won't pay for the vet and rather kill the animal unless a rescue takes it in and pays for all medical expenses.

We are taken the one's who need us the most and many come to us with costly medical conditions.

we have currently, August 2017, 3 dogs with extreme medical conditions and expenses

Kalyani had her 5th surgery last week $1100

Bellona is still at the vet after, beat, thrown over the fence and almost starved to death - then broke with PARVO. estimated $950 +

Lobelia came to us, after being mistreated, with a torn cruciate ligament. Surgery estimate $850 

We are trying to raise currently $3000 for just those 3 babies ! PLEASE help us to care for those babies so they can get the medical treatment they need, heal, recover and then find the loving home they deserve.

Every rescue I know is at the same point like we are: full, broke and exhausted. Every rescuer is to the breaking point. I spent a good portion of last night helping others cope. Compassion fatigue and the consequences are great in rescue. It wears your soul down.

Sadly we rescuers can't take the ones going down for space today. Every animal control we work with this week has begged and sent pictures. We save them or they die. Many we could not save. We. Just. Could. Not.

I'm not talking just about our rescue, but every rescue I know.

Those faces of the ones we could not save, they haunt our souls. Saying you can't save them all is nothing but a line uttered to try and ease the guilt. There is no easing the guilt.

Our personal lives suffer. Our wallets suffer. Our mental health suffers. If we lash out or do not get back with you in a timely manner, please be understanding. Ask how you can help. Ask how we are doing. Listen to us bitch for five minutes. But don't judge until you are the one deciding who to save and who you can't save.

If you can foster, please do. If you donate please do. And if you pray, send up a prayer for those we can't take. Hundreds lost their lives this week for nothing more than lack of space and more will follow for the very same reason.

And for any rescuer out there, I'm always available to talk and to listen. I'm your friend and I care about you. Over the years, we have lost many to compassion fatigue and I never want to go to another funeral knowing your empathy for the animals drained you until nothing was left of you to fight for. Because I know different. I'll fight for you. I'll always fight for you because you are worth saving also.

I copied and pasted from someone else, who copied and pasted from someone.

Please share. They aren't my words but that is MY HEART.💔💔💔💔

our PayPal: - Checks can be send to STARS of GA - 1100 Bowen Rushing Rd - Statesboro, GA 30458

thank you

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