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Become a Foster Parent and SAVE A LIFE!

Make a difference, Foster a homeless Pet. A foster home is a family or individual who provides a safe, supportive environment for our rescued Animals while they are being evaluated/rehabilitated before placement in their permanent homes.

Foster homes are an extremely valuable part of our success.Our foster homes are a very important part of the entire rescue operation.

Due to the size of our geographical area (and the amount of animals) it would be unrealistic to try to house all of our rescued dogs at one address.

Rescues, usually, need some special attention and really do best when in a situation that provides a lot of individual time and attention. Our foster homes are awesome at doing just that. They assume the role of chauffeur, getting the dog to vet appointments or out for evaluation in society. Through careful observations, foster homes become the eyes and ears of the committee.

We stay in constant close contact with them as they guide us toward the type of home the dog would be best suited for.We feel we have a better chance at a successful adoption with this information.

Most fosters stay in a foster home for a minimum of 10 days but could stay in a foster home up to many months.

All Rescues bring with them some sort of "baggage" or history when they come into our program. Some have been abused or neglected while others come from seemingly wonderful homes. What all rescued Rescues have in common is the fact that neither their new families, nor we will have had any control over the first few months or years of the dogs life.

Our job, through our foster people, is to try and figure out who the dog is. These folks determine how much training the dog has had, what his or her habits or quirks are, as well as health issues all in an effort to help us place that particular dog in his or her perfect home.Some of them come with some kind of behavior problem such as jumping up, barking, pulling on leash etc, which was probably the reason why they were given up.

Our job is it to make that dog a good and well behaved companion with understanding, love, affection, consistency and positive reinforcement.

What Does It Take To Foster?

You must have a safe, secure home and yard. Some of these dogs have been known to scale 6ft fences without batting an eye.

Do you have other pets? They must be ok with sharing their home (and you) with a strange dog.

You must have the time to take the rescued animal out into the world. We need to know how he or she reacts to as many situations as possible. The more we know about the dog, the better the permanent placement.

You must be able to take the dog to a vet, possibly many times, while caring for it. 

STARS has to confirm vet appointments, with selected Vets only, and will be responsible for the vet bill connected to the rescue dog.

Documenting the dogs time with you would be very helpful. A foster person is truly the eyes and ears of the rescue committee. We use the information you provide us to determine where the dog should go, what new family would be the best match.

You must be able to make the time to attend adoption events and meet with possible, approved, adopters so your foster animal will get a fair chance to find a new family.

You must be willing to work with your foster kid on basic obedience, if you foster puppies we need you to understand how to crate and potty train as well. We will show you the how to using patience and positive reinforcement, in our orientation session.

Finally, (and this is the hardest) you must be able to say good-bye when a home is found. Occasionally the foster home ends up adopting the dog.

That's ok by us if, realistically, yours is the best home. However, it's easy to let your heart override common sense. If you kept every Rescue that you ever fostered, you'd have a houseful (and probably a divorce!) as well as constant worry that you couldn't provide all the individual attention they need.

There is sadness at saying good-bye. There is also the satisfaction of helping a homeless pet move on to a bright future and welcome a new soul in need!

STARS WILL be responsible for all approved vet visits, treatments, food and anything else that might be necessary for the individual foster pet

If you are willing to open your heart and home to an animal in need and help us SAVE LIFE'S please ask us for our Foster Application.

After we have received and reviewed the application we will get in touch with you to set up a personal meeting

Please contact us if you are interested in Fostering for us at

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