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Featured Adoptable Pet:

We're sorry, the Featured Pet

is not available at this time


Thank you for being interested in adopting one of our animals.

Please educated yourself BEFORE adopting a Pet.

Before completing and submitting our Adoption Inquiry we encourage you to read the following information:

In regards to adopt one of our rescues, you must be at least 21 years old, financially capable and emotionally ready to take on the

responsibility of an animal.


The adoption process begins with filling out and submitting our online Adoption Inquiry , followed by,

once approved, our FINAL adoption application.

NOTE* Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a dog from us.

Then the applicant is interviewed and observed interacting with the pet of their choice.

If all steps, vet reference, interview, meeting, home visit are approved we will continue the adoption process.

When all fees are paid and the appropriate paperwork is signed and processed, the adoption is complete.


*NOTE: We do NOT hold any animals unless the adoption process is completed and the adoption fee has been paid in full.

Adopting a pet is not something to take lightly.

Depending on breed and health, your chosen animal can live 10 to 15 years or longer. Dogs are social beings who form strong


You have to be sure that you're ready for a long-term commitment and the financial responsibility (regular vet care, food,

medications, emergency care, etc.) that come with owning a pet.

In general we welcome out of state adoptions IF you are willing to travel to meet and pick up the animal you have chosen to


Please contact us for Out of State Adoptions !

The approved adopter and future owner of the adopted animal, the person who will provide care and be responsible for the

animal is the one who has to complete and submit the Adoption Inquiry We do not allow the adoption of one of our animals as a

surprise gifts to others.

We need to be able to interview the future owner to verify that he actually wants to adopt the animal, the

pet is a match and the adopter is willing and able to take on the responsibilities.

You must be able and willing to welcome and include the adopted pet as a part of your family and spend the time and money

required to keep your new family member happy and healthy.

Most of our animals have been abused, neglected, sick and kept outside.

We don't want our rescued animals living chained up or kenneled outside with limited human interaction.


Adoption fees are required and non-refundable. Adoption fees vary according to the animal's breed, age, species, size and/or the

expenses involved and usually starts at $180

Typically the fee covers only a small portion of the vet expenses such is vet exam, fecal, worming, vaccination current to age,

heart-worm test, heart-worm prevention, flea bath, flea prevention, grooming, food, spay/ neuter laser surgery Microchipping,

registration, and any medical expenses, if needed, up to the day of the adoption.

Food, Grooming, Toys, Treats, etc etc

All of our animals are also MICRO-CHIPPED,registration is incl. as well, and the adopted animal comes with a FREE 30 day Pet

Health Insurance. (Courtesy listings excluded)

We consider our Adoption Fees very reasonable considering all that has been done to the animal while in our care.

The altering alone, at a full service vet, would cost approx. $100 to $150 and more! Micro-chipping is about $90 without


We try to do whatever it takes to insure you are adopting the healthiest animal possible.

We certainly don't make money finding homes for abandoned animals.

What money we might save, if any, on one animal is put towards another animal whose medical needs go way beyond our asked

adoption fee.

Some of our rescues nearly cost us $500 or more per animal, yet when that animal does find a home, we only request a much

lower adoption fee.

Please understand that your donation is not for ONE particular animal, but a donation to a non-profit organization that assists

many animals in need.

WE can only keep doing what we are doing IF we receive your support, donations and adoption fees.

YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation and adoption fee allows this rescue organization to continue to rescue

animals in need. THANK YOU FOR SAVING A LIFE!

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